Charisma Developments was established in 1998 in Sydney primarily as a family business with intent on doing personal developments.


Since its inception, Charisma Developments has established itself in the community as a reputable quality builder which has only been achieved through hard work, integrity and honesty.


The quality of work that has continuously been delivered to clients can only be developed not only by using tradespeople that are focused on providing a high level of workmanship to Charisma but the close communication with the clients.  This allows for a project to be delivered to the clients expectation as well as their appreciation for the project.


Communication has been one of Charisma's strong points of differentiation from other local builders that starts from the very first interview and its follow on documentation, which allows a client to know exactly what it is they are getting within the project.


It is a known fact within the building industry that the lack of understanding and documentation often leads to unncessary and unexpected variations which in turn result in disruption as well as the client being unhappy.




Charisma is proud to provide the reassurance via a guarantee that a variation will not be given to a client once a contract is signed subject to the client or qualified professionals not changing from the original quoted documents.


This reassurance gives the client the confidence and knowledge that they have the option to stay within the original allowances or opt to carry out changes and update the inclusions within the project. Giving the client the control of their project as well as their budget hence avoiding unnecessary issues.


Design & Flexibllity


The flexibility and freedom to design and change the internal finishes of the project as it develops, results in a customised project that is unique to the owners expectation and not limited to what was included.

One quality that has been identified by client reviews is that they want the ability to make changes to the project. These changes can only be carried out via the close comminication and guidance of the builder to the client.


This ensures that the client is involved throughout the design and construction of the project with out being locked out, and given a project that they have not seen.




The interaction between Charisma and its client throughout the project leads to the ultimate expectation, where many other builders fail to provide and that is "satisfaction".


Satisfaction is the one item that gaurantees ongoing recommendations and high community image that Charisma has achieved and will keep it moving forward into the future.